The extranet that facilitates hazardous waste management : Optilia

Business relationship with OPTILIA

Business relationship with OPTILIA

In order to facilitate the management of its customers' waste and to strengthen regulatory traceability, SARPI has developed the OPTILIA extranet.
OPTILIA is a dedicated, secure space interfaced to the SARPI computer system, accessible from the Internet 24/7.

OPTILIA can be used to:

Manage PACs

Prior Acceptance Certificates are the key to delivering your waste to a SARPI centre. The ‘WIS’ (Waste Identification Sheet) module allows you to submit an online request for a new PAC to a SARPI centre. Optilia’s ‘WIS’ module allows you to list all of your valid WISs and view all of their information, including ADR.


Print out pre-populated WTDs and ADR labels

The ‘Waste Tracking Document / ADR Labels’ module allows you to print out your pre-populated Cerfa WTDs and ADR-compliant labels on the basis of your valid WIS data.

Schedule appointments with SARPI

The ‘Appointment’ module is used, on the basis of valid WISs, to request and track online appointment requests sent to SARPI schedules.

Access scanned documents

Several modules provide access, on the one hand to scanned documents (finalised WTDs, weighing slips, rinsing vouchers, WIS, etc.), and, on the other hand, to official documents from SARPI centres (prefectural orders, ISO certificates, transport receipts, etc.).

Access to activity reports

A powerful module synchronised with SARPI databases that is used to view data on all activity with SARPI centres (tonnages received, receipt analyses, Gerep reports, etc.).

Manage quality of service

In accordance with the principles of quality of service management certifications, ‘My quality monitoring’ is a pragmatic module that allows you to submit a complaint and track its resolution.