scrubber residue collection, treatment, and recovery

ShipO2: the integrated scrubber residue collection and treatment solution

Through ShipO2, Sarpi supports maritime transport stakeholders. This offer includes the collection and treatment of residue from the treatment of ship fumes by scrubbers. ShipO2 is based on Sarpi's traceability, non-dilution and decontamination commitments.

A scrubber captures:

●    sulphur
●    fine dust particles
●    PAHS
●    heavy metals
●    exhaust gases
It thus reduces the fleet’s releases into the air.

Closed or open circuit scrubber?

Open circuit scrubber: contested and not authorised by many ports

  • Open circuit scrubbers use a large quantity of sea water to wash the exhaust gases and then release it back into the sea.
  • They are harmful to the environment because pollution is moved from the air to the sea.

Closed circuit scrubber: a solution in favour of the environment

  • They use less water and energy and use seawater with added reagents.
  • Process residue is then stored in the form of sludge on board the ship.  
  • This waste, identified as hazardous waste is treated by Sarpi. 
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Scrubber residue collection, treatment, and recovery

Waste from scrubbers is collected and stored in a MARPOL unit. After separation into two phases, it is sent to our dedicated treatment sites for treatment mainly by physicochemical means and the sediments by incineration.