Remote management to optimise waste collection : Check 2 Collect

A digital and just-on-time service to collect hazardous waste

A digital and just-on-time service to collect hazardous waste

Various problems can occur in waste management, such as tank overflows or urgent or superfluous waste collection.

Proper management of the stocks of hazardous waste produced is an essential risk control element on an industrial site. 

To simplify this daily management, Check 2 Collect is a service comprising:

  • installation of level sensors on the industrial customer's waste tanks
  • shared access to an online inventory viewing platform
  • configuration of personalised alerts for collection
  • possibility of delegating collection triggering to SARPI.

Thanks to real-time viewing, SARPI anticipates waste collection scheduling, preventing tank overflows that could lead to production stoppage. Emergency or unnecessary collections are thus avoided.
Check 2 Collect enables productivity gains, helps optimise collection costs, and controls the environmental impact associated with collection.


  • Real time measurement
  • Viewing as a list or interactive map
  • Filling history and forecast
  • Statistics


We offer sensors

For any kind of waste

liquid / solid / dewatered sludge, flammable, aggressive, etc.

For any kind of tank

silos, underground tanks, stirred tanks, etc.

Suited to complex environments

ATEX, high temperature and/or pressure