SARPI Nos fondamentaux

Our fundamentals

In our everyday work, our actions are guided by strong and shared convictions and values which constitute the basis for our business activities.

On a daily basis, our actions are guided by strong and shared values and convictions which form the basis of our activities.


Our work at all levels of the company is based on five mainstays:

Notre mission - Maîtriser durablement le risque déchet pour pérenniser l’activité industrielle

Our mission

Our stated mission is to sustainably manage waste risks in order to secure the long-term future of industry.

Our business area arose some 40 years ago from the regulatory obligation placed on industry to get its waste treated in appropriate facilities. Since then, in a world experiencing radical economic and environmental change, our stated mission has never been more relevant - enabling industry to continue producing, while limiting the environmental impact of its activities, by treating its hazardous waste and containing pollutants.

Our business

Our business is treating and recovering hazardous waste.

At SARPI, we handle hazardous industrial waste, which, because of its composition or properties, constitutes a danger for human health or the environment. This type of waste is treated in a variety of ways on our sites in order to manage its toxicity, contain the pollutants and recover the recyclable fraction where possible. Handling hazardous materials on an industrial scale means that we have a huge responsibility towards communities, clients, sub-contractors and employees. The long-term future of our company is based on the trust they place in our ability to guarantee everyone’s safety, both that of citizens and our employees.

Notre métier - le traitement et la valorisation des déchets dangereux


Our model is based on a European network of dedicated resources covering the whole waste treatment and recovery chain up to and including the storage of final waste.

SARPI’s strength also lies in the complementary nature of its network of industrial sites. Our clients benefit from our treatment and recovery solutions, the continuity of our services, our waste traceability knowledge, and our ability to innovate in order to meet their needs and expectations as closely as possible. Nowadays SARPI is a network of over 75 industrial sites in nine countries in Europe.

Our undertakings

Our undertakings are traceability, non-dilution, and the decontamination of the waste recycling loop in order to protect the environment from pollution.

Managing risks in order to safeguard and protect communities from pollution has always been SARPI’s guiding principle. In our everyday work, our business is guided by three core principles:
> Non-dilution means that SARPI does not mix waste. All of our facilities are designed to accept and treat waste with a high concentration of pollutants.
> Decontamination means that in all of our treatment and recycling processes there is always a phase which involves separating, containing and treating the polluting fractions. A recycling process without the decontamination phase would result in pollutants building up and being dispersed in the products brought back into circulation.
> Traceability: our monitoring systems enable us to track waste from the moment we start handling it to its final treatment and to transparently inform our clients about what happened to their waste.

Our values

Our values - strong environmental convictions, a permanent quest for performance, goodwill and an entrepreneurial spirit.

The principle of respect for the environment has been embedded in SARPI’s DNA right from the outset and makes the daily work of each and every employee meaningful, whatever their job and position in the company. The true wealth of our company is the lasting bond between SARPI and each of its employees, as well as the effective cooperation between each employee in their teams. This longstanding and trusting relationship, which enables our employees to work independently and improve their skills, is key to our performance. The general enthusiasm and passion for our industry bear witness to the fact that SARPI is based on deep human values and an incredible team spirit which makes our community of employees our major strength and the driving force behind our success.