If you decide to work for SARPI, you will be joining one of our dynamic and enthusiastic teams who are passionate about the vital and meaningful work we do to safeguard the future of our environment and forthcoming generations.
SARPI - Carrières

Our number one priority - guaranteeing a healthy and safe working environment

Our work can be intrinsically hazardous - health and safety is an absolute and constant priority at SARPI. SARPI is committed on a day-to-day basis to the Veolia group’s VIVRE health and safety scheme, and we also have a safety-at-work scheme based on each employee’s individual commitment to safety for all at all of our sites, offices and treatment facilities.

Our corporate social responsibility

We pledge to bring alive and develop an effective and ambitious social model which prepares and supports each of our employees in their future lives by fostering their professional development.

Our employees’ commitment is a source of strength and an asset for our company, so we have prioritized skills and career development, and recognition of our employees and their performance, while respecting their diversity. We therefore have an ambitious HR development and training policy.


SARPI’s anti-discrimination commitments

In line with Veolia Group policy, SARPI has included respect for diversity and fundamental human rights in its sustainable development undertakings. Our diverse employee base is an asset which fosters innovation and performance. The group endeavours to guarantee equal opportunities and prevent any kind of discrimination by applying non-discriminatory and fair managerial and HR management procedures. SARPI is a socially-responsible employer and seeks to guarantee respect for each and every individual. SARPI pays particular attention to being fair to its employees and all job applicants during the recruitment process.


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