Our expertise : hazardous waste

Whether or not the precise composition of the waste is known, whether accidental pollution has occurred, whether complex clean-up work is needed, or whether hazardous waste needs to be managed, SARPI always has an effective solution that complies with the environmental commitments and regulatory standards in force.

We thus treat waste from industries, collectors, SMEs and SMIs, but also from institutions and public authorities.

Identify and categorize hazardous waste

SARPI suggests waste management solutions once we have received the results from our waste testing laboratory (type of waste and its physical-chemical characteristics). SARPI’s laboratory guarantees compliance with regulatory criteria for the acceptance of waste in the suggested treatment process.

We guarantee appropriate management of all types of hazardous waste

Grâce à la maîtrise de procédés complexes, à l’étendue de son réseau et la complémentarité de ses outils industriels, SARPI et ses filiales maîtrisent l’intégralité de la boucle de traitement des déchets dangereux quel que soit leur état, leur risque ou leur conditionnement.

Treating, recovering and storing your specialist waste

SARPI has a network of specialist complementary facilities available to all industrial areas, forming an industrial waste processing supply chain unrivalled anywhere in Europe: local hubs (transit, sorting and pre-treatment), treatment centres (incineration, physical-chemical, biological, stabilisation), recovery/recycling units (lubricants, biodiesel, metallurgy). SARPI undertakes to provide business continuity by mobilising local storage capacity and processes, while working transparently for its clients.

Ensuring traceability

The law states that waste producers remain responsible for their waste until disposal is completed. Optilia, the SARPI client extranet service, guarantees full traceability by offering 24/7 administrative monitoring of waste treatment within its network: waste transfer documents, hazardous waste transport receipts, prefectural decrees etc.

In situ services

We offer secure on-site management with the support of specialist chemists or alternatively industry can delegate management. SARPI makes its travelling teams of specialist chemists available to its clients and works on industrial sites as the designated operator, admin and logistics coordinator, or even as the designated facility operator.