Our specialist expertise

Multi-sector solutions and storage

SARPI’s waste storage business helps its public and private sector clients to manage their final waste (asbestos waste, residue from domestic waste incineration fume cleansing, residue from industrial waste incineration fume cleansing, fly ash, contaminated ground, inert waste and building industry waste recovery), other hazardous waste (such as hazardous industrial waste and special industrial waste), and non-hazardous waste (ordinary industrial waste, household waste and similar). They are developing new processes including the recovery of building industry waste and the decontamination of petroleum-contaminated land.

Decontamination with GRS Valtech in France and abroad:

  • Treatment of polluted soils and groundwater.
  • Treatment of biogas and leachates. We capture and treat biogas and leachates and recover and convert biogas.

BIONOR is a permanent biological treatment facility for petroleum-polluted ground.
VALO TERRA is a permanent thermal treatment centre for petroleum-polluted ground.

  • EOD-EX: The mine clearance experts (land and underwater) work to dismantle explosive devices and products, apply and interpret geophysical tools, and detect and search for underground geophysical anomalies.


Sevia - The experts in collecting and managing used oils and waste from mechanical workshops.

A turnkey service covering logistics and admin, waste collection within 10 days, management of appropriate treatment and recovery processes, along with the guarantee of full traceability.


OSILUB: An industrial facility solely dedicated to regenerating used oils into lubricants and base oil, all in partnership with Total.

Dielix - An industrial plant solely dedicated to recycling used edible oils.

From one tonne of used edible oils, Dielix produces 1,200 litres of second generation biofuels which are reinjected into the production cycles.


VFS Veolia Field Services is the world expert on packaging and transporting hazardous waste across borders.

VFS identifies, sorts, packages and transports waste materials to appropriate treatment facilities. The toxic waste includes PCB and pesticides worldwide.