Waste Collectors

SARPI offers its professional waste collection partners all of its hazardous waste treatment resources and facilities. Our local teams work with their partner waste collectors to identify the waste treatment process or processes needed by their clients in order to provide a comprehensive and rapid waste management service.

SARPI and its subsidiaries accept all types of hazardous, toxic and chemical waste, regardless of the volume and characteristics. Waste can be:

  • Solid, liquid, sludge, powdered or gaseous.
  • Inflammable, toxic, corrosive, carcinogenic, eco-toxic and combustive.
  • Contained in skips, tanks, pallet boxes, containers, big bags, drums and flasks.

SARPI is committed to tank washing to offer an even safer environmentSARPI offers waste collectors a tank washing solution in order to prevent accidents caused by the successive transport of incompatible waste.