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Any production activity will generate waste which then needs to be managed and treated. Whether or not waste is regularly produced, whether the waste contains hazardous and toxic substances, whether there is a stock of specialist unidentified products requiring disposal, SARPI works in close partnership with SMEs and SMIs to manage and dispose of waste.

We offer a turnkey package:

  • Permanent account manager.
  • Pre-assessment to work out how to manage the waste.
  • Provision of the equipment needed to store and transport waste.
  • Delivery of complementary products: washing solvents, absorbents, cloths etc.
  • A chemist can make an on-site visit if required.
  • Regular or occasional collections planned in line with your requirements.
  • Transport to the nearest SARPI treatment plant.
  • Recovery and disposal of your specialist waste.
  • Support and mandatory administrative follow-up: prior completion and issuance of waste transfer notes (WTNs), archiving of admin and regulatory supporting documents in Optilia, your client area is accessible online 24/7.

SARPI offers a comprehensive service incorporating the transport of hazardous waste to its plants for treatment and recovery:

  • We manage the collection of your hazardous waste.
  • We securely transport it to the nearest accredited SARPI centre.
  • SARPI then uses its processes to treat and recover your waste.

On-site specialist chemist service

Precautions need to be taken when handling a stock of unidentified products or inadequately packaged waste of unknown composition, whether on a worksite or company premises. SARPI provides its specialist chemists in order to identify the type of hazardous waste, repackage and make it safe, remove and transport it (ADR transport) to one of its centres where the waste will be treated and disposed of in compliance with regulations and in an environmentally-responsible manner.


Cleaning up polluted sites and soils

The GRS Valtech teams are skilled in all the in situ, on-site and off-site contaminated site treatment techniques. They clean up operating sites, regenerate disused industrial areas, they make locations safe following accidental pollution, they clean groundwater, treat polluted soil and land, renovate former rubbish tips, and treat sludge and sediment. GRS Valtech manages the whole clean-up process, up to and including the recovery of materials from the land and treated materials.